When it comes to visiting and travelling to new places, there are two options to choose from: public transport v/s private transport. There are pros and cons of both the travel options, but which one is better for you? In this article, we have mentioned the difference between public transport and private transport for visiting new places.

Public transport

Public transportation includes trains, buses, and flights which are used by thousands of people. So, for instance, you want to visit Jodhpur or Jaisalmer from any other city, then you will first need to book tickets on a train, bus, or flight. Then, for local sightseeing, after reaching the destination, you will have to look for autos, rickshaws, and public cabs like Uber and Ola. 

Private transport

On the other hand, private transportation includes personal cars, private cab, bike, etc. So, for instance, you want to travel to Jodhpur from any other city, you can hire outstation taxi or cab and reach the destination. After reaching Jodhpur, you can choose a local sightseeing package and explore all the places one by one with a single mean of transport. You don’t have to book a new auto or rickshaw every time you are done visiting a place.

Private transportation is excellent for personal means and privacy. So, if you are visiting the new place with your partner or family, you get the privacy you want. You can stop the vehicle whenever you want to have snacks, water, meals or even click photos. This is not possible with public transportation. 

Differences between Public and Private transportation


If you want flexibility with your travel experience, then private transport should be your choice. The flexibility starts right from the time of booking. You don’t have to think about the availability of seats on your desired date and time. With public transport, you have to book the seats for the dates when there is availability. On the other hand, you can hire private taxi whenever you want. 

Moreover, you can halt the private vehicle whenever you want. This can’t be done with public transport. 


Since there are several benefits of private transportation, the cost is usually more than public transportation. But if you are travelling with family or a group of friends, then the pricing is not much different. 


You get all the privacy in private transport. It is a great option when travelling with your partner or family. On public transport, you are surrounded by a lot of people. There is no privacy. 


Unless you are travelling in the AC sleeper coach of a bus or train, the level of comfort is lesser with public transport than private transport. On that front, the pricing of public transport might get higher than a private taxi. 

Additionally, while local sightseeing, you will have to choose a new way of travel every time if you have opted for public transport. Whereas, in private transport, you just choose taxi hire once and the cab service provider will handle the rest. They will pick you up from every spot and drop you at the new place at the expected time. 


If you want to explore new places in less time, then a private taxi and transportation should be your choice. In public transport, you are stuck with the time set by the train or bus and have to wait. During local sightseeing, you have to waste time finding autos and rickshaws and negotiating with the drivers. 

Private transport saves a lot of time by being there for you whenever you want. There is no need to negotiate with the drivers or wait for the taxi. 


Numerous people travel on public transport. The buses and trains aren’t hygienic and clean. Moreover, during the COVID-19, you would want a vehicle that is clean and sanitized. 

Private taxis and cars provided by the best service providers are sanitized and cleaned before and after every ride. This is good for your safety.  

Wrapping up:

We hope this write-up helped you understand the difference between public and private transport. Safety, comfort, and flexibility can’t be ignored when visiting new places. The pricing may be higher but worth making your travel experience memorable and comfortable. 

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