Car rental services have been here for a long time now, but people haven’t utilized these services the right way for their benefits. With cab and taxi rental, you can book a car of your choice, drive the latest models, and get your purposes fulfilled at a cost-effective price.

However, consumers must know which type of rental is better and beneficial for you: short term or long term rental services. The short term plans usually cost you more when you end the agreement within a few days. Then you look out for another car and book again for the short term. This increases the total cost.

On the other hand, when you opt for long-term rental, whether you need a cab and taxi for corporate or for personal use, it costs you lesser.

In this article, let’s discuss which type of car rental service is better for you.

Short term car rental

When you choose car rental for the short term, generally the agreement for the car is for a few weeks. You are charged for every hour or number of days. You can take the car of your choice and use it for your requirement. This is good only if you need the car for a short period of time. But if you are a business or individual who need a car for a long period of time, like a few months or even a year, the short term plans will be very costly for you.

Short term car rental plans are also good in certain cases. For instance, you are looking to buy a new car in a few weeks. Till then, you can rent a car for the short term, without signing a long term agreement.

Long term car rental

Renting a car for the long term, on the other hand, is a great option when you need the vehicle for a regular commute. For example, you need a car for your business for employee commute. The car is used to take the employees from their homes and drop at the office in the morning, and then drop them back at homes from the office in the evening. This is regular activity. So, it would be better to choose corporate taxi hire for months or a year. The monthly car plans are cheaper as compared to short term plans and have several other benefits.

The monthly car options are comparatively cheaper and more reliable. Moreover, if you get bored of the car or want to have a new car after a month, the best car rental service providers will do that for you. The longer the term of car rental, the more you save.

Short term vs long term car rental service

Both short term and long term car leasing have their own benefits. But long term options are cheaper and cost-effective. Whether you want to lease a car for personal use or for corporate purpose, you must always consider the total cost of rent and the period of time for which you need the car.

The cost of car rental depends on the car or vehicle chosen by you and the tariff of the agency. Many agencies charge higher for both the plans, but at Royal Rajasthan Cabs, you can find monthly car hire at the most economical pricing.

Benefits of long term car rental

  • More saving: As mentioned above, the longer the term of rental, the more you save. That is why you must go for monthly car hire services where you are charged on a monthly basis. It doesn’t involve hidden charges or additional costs.
  • Flexibility: If you are not satisfied with the car, you can change it when the month ends. There is no need to remain stuck with a car that you don’t enjoy driving or are not comfortable with. Moreover, if you find the charges high, you can go for a low-cost car or choose to cancel the plan when the month ends.
  • New car every month: At Royal Rajasthan Cabs, we have a wide variety of cars available for monthly car hire. You can choose from Swift Dzire, Honda City, Bolero, Scorpio, Toyota Etios, Crysta, and more. These are suitable for both personal and business purpose. Additionally, we also provide Ambulance to hospitals on a monthly basis. Minibuses and tempo travellers are also available.

So, you can change the car every month and enjoy the luxurious experience. There are no additional charges for changing the car after a month.

Wrapping up:

When it comes to choosing between long term and short term vehicle rental, you must consider the total cost and the time period. Even if you need the vehicle for a month, the long term option will prove to be cost-effective and better for you.

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