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If you visit Mehrangarh Fort and do not see the beautiful Taj Mahal of Marwar— Jaswant Thada, I believe your visit to the famous fort is incomplete. 

Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur is a magnificent white edifice, half-covered by greenery.

It is a stunning marble memorial. It is located on the major road from Jodhpur to Meherangarh Fort. 

The Jaswant Thada balances off the Meherangarh fort’s sturdy commanding appearance with some of Rajasthan’s most delicate and exquisite marble sculptures. 

Many visitors stroll through the Jaswant Thada memorial after touring the best places to visit in Jodhpur, either because they are exhausted or unaware of the splendor hiding within.

Sardar Singh built the Jaswant Thada in 1899 to memorialize his father, Jaswant Singh II, who died in 1895. The site has since become a burial ground and memorial for the maharajas of Jodhpur, each of whom has a white marble tomb in the central tower. 

One of the complex’s unusual memorials is devoted to a peacock that flew into the funeral pyre as the maharaja’s body was burnt. Jalis are ornate marble lattice screens that hang over the windows.

Brief History of Jaswant Thada Jodhpur

Sardar Singh built the Jaswant Thada cenotaph. During the king’s funeral ritual, a peacock purposefully fell into the funeral pyre and died. Hence, there is a memorial dedicated to the peacock. A few other royal members were also buried in the monument. 

With the new capital created at Mehrangarh following the relocation from Mandore, the royal cenotaph, I presume the royal family of Marwar, desired a new cenotaph. 

So Jaswant Thada was established in honor of the first monarch Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This memorial also displays artwork and photographs of the former Marwar rulers. The monument was completed in 1899, far later than the Mehrangarh Fort. This could be one of the reasons why this place looks so beautiful and new.

These cenotaphs are not like the ones in Mandore. Unlike those constructed of earthy red material, they were all white. Nevertheless, the crimson walls of Mandore remained a link here – and you will see why.


The architecture of Jaswant Thada: The Royal Cenotaph

The best thing is the monument’s clashing colors. The crimson walls stood out against the white monument in the background. The greens that bordered its entrances and little pavilions along the walls added to the overall contrast.

On one side, there is a little lake. Cute tiny ducks continued to swim along it. The lake’s function was to be used for Pujas for the deceased.

The architecture of Jaswant Thada: The Royal Cenotaph

The tourists are greeted by calming music on the other side of the path. The sounds of the local musician blended perfectly with the quiet, serene ambiance of Jaswant Thada.

As you climb the monument’s red stairs, you enter a large room that opens to the same lake. With the lake’s water levels complete, it would be a fantastic area to lean over and enjoy the winds. 

The Green Doors & windows

This is quite intriguing. Throughout the monuments, the magnificent Green doors, and windows. Don’t know, why they were green, but they added to the significant aspect of the location. They stood out by contrast on the reds and merged effortlessly on the whites. 

Jaswant Thada Timings

  • Opening time: 9 AM
  • Closing Time: 5 PM

Ticket Price 

  • The entry fee is INR 15 for Indians and INR 30 for foreign tourists.
  • You must pay INR 25 for a photo camera and INR 50 for a video camera.

Things & Activities To Do At Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur

  • During the tourist season, several musicians and local singers can perform on the monument’s steps. This is the location to hear traditional Rajasthani music.
  • Besides sharing a frame, you can click several pictures of the splendid edifice.
  • The beautiful lawns with their small flowers and creatures are a great spot to unwind before heading out again. You can notice the mischievous squirrels and the adorable birdies playing around.
  • The grounds of the Jaswant Thada are meticulously kept, with multi-tiered tiers and carved gazebos. The gardens are an excellent place to photograph Meherangarh Fort or to relax in the shade of a tree. A small lake, which is home to waterfowl and various birds, is also included in the gardens. After spending the day in hot and arid circumstances, the lake is a welcome sight.


Best Restaurants Near Jaswant Thada

  • Mangal Haveli Guest House and Restaurant
  • Restaurant Dream HosteLavie
  • Jimmy’s restaurant &coffee espresso
  • Dylan Cafe Restaurant
  • Cafe Laalten
  • Om Heritage Hotel Restaurant

Best Hotels Near Jaswant Thada 

  • Daspan House
  • RAAS Jodhpur
  • Haveli Inn Pal
  • Dev Kothi – Boutique Heritage Stay
  • Govind Hotel
  • Pal Haveli
  • Karni Bhawan Heritage Hotel Jodhpur

How to Visit?

The best way to reach Jaswant Thada is to either go by your own vehicle or book a taxi in Jodhpur

Jaswant Thada FAQs

What is Jaswant Thada?

The Jaswant Thada is a royal cenotaph in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. It was erected in 1899 to remember Maharaja Jaswant Singh II by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur State. It served as the cremation place for the royal Rajput dynasty of Marwar.
The Cenotaph is made of finely cut marble sheets. When irradiated by the Sun, these sheets are incredibly thin and polished, emitting a warm glow.

Where is Jaswant Thada located?

Jaswant Thada is a beautiful cenotaph located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Who built Jaswant Thada?

Maharaja Sardar Singh built it in 1899 as a royal cenotaph in honor of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, the 33rd Rathore king of Jodhpur.

How much time does it take to visit Jaswant Thada?

On average, viewing everything at Jaswant Thada takes about 30-45 minutes.

What is the distance between Mehrangarh Fort to Jaswant Thada?

The journey from Jaswant Thada to Mehrangarh Fort takes 3 minutes. Therefore, the driving distance between Jaswant Thada and Mehrangarh Fort is approximately 3 kilometers, 1.9 miles, or 1.6 nautical miles. 


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