If you are planning an outstation road trip, whether for the weekend or more days, it is important that you take care of some things and carry the essentials. It is okay to drive yourself for short routes, but going for long routes come with its own set of responsibilities. For instance, if your outstation road trip is planned for more than three days, you will need to drive a lot, see the navigation, find a place for parking wherever you go, etc. 

It is better and more convenient to book an outstation taxi. Along with hiring the right cab for your outstation road trip, you have to take care of a number of crucial things. We have created a quick checklist of all such things to ensure that you don’t get stressed about anything.

Select car based on number of travellers and comfort

The first thing to do is to choose the car according to the number of people travelling with you. For example, if you are travelling with three other people, Hatchback and Sedan cars like Swift Dzire or Toyota Etios will work for you. For more than four people, you must go for an SUV car like Innova, Ertica. 

Calculate estimated cost

You should do a rough calculation of the total cost required for the road trip. These costs will include cab charges, restaurants, hotels, etc. Ask your cab service provider whether their charges include the toll tax and parking fees. With calculation, you will get an idea of how much money you need.

Check weather before leaving

Before you leave your home for the outstation road trip, make sure that you check the weather at the destination for the next few days. If the weather forecasting shows rain, you can carry an umbrella, raincoat, and other relevant things. For sunny weather, you can take sunscreen and cool clothes. 

Find best time to travel

For every destination, there is a different right time to travel. For example, the best time to visit Goa is between November to March. For the Rajasthan tour, the best time is the winter season. Based on your destination place, choose the best time. 

So, while planning, you must know the best time to travel to a specific place. Travelling at the right time means you will enjoy the trip all the more. 

Create a checklist of items to carry along on the outstation road trip

You may skip packing certain essential things and then miss those things when required. So, it is better to create a checklist of all the things you may need during the trip. The basic list of essentials will include the mobile charger, power bank, first aid kit, earphones, clothing, cosmetic or beauty items, etc. During the rainy season, you will also need a raincoat and umbrella. For winters, it will be better to carry woollen clothing, cap, etc. Since it is the time of coronavirus, you must not forget face masks and hand sanitisers. 

Emergency contact

You must share your emergency contact details with your cab rental provider if you are travelling by an outstation taxi. For instance, the taxi rental from Jodhpur can get in touch with your close friends or family member in case something goes wrong. Moreover, you must write the name of the person along with the address and mobile number of the emergency person to be contacted and keep it in your wallet. 

Necessary documents

When you are travelling outstation, you must have valid IDs and documents with you. While choosing PAN India taxi booking, you are usually asked for verified ID proofs. Moreover, when you book hotels and rooms, documents are necessary to be provided. 

If you are travelling on your own in a personal car, then the necessary documents to be carried include a driving license, vehicle documents, insurance papers, etc. 

Wrapping up:

If you want to make the most out of your outstation road trip and enjoy it without any hassles, then it is crucial to take care of the things mentioned above. Carrying valid IDs, sharing emergency contacts, calculating costs, finding a suitable car, etc., are very crucial. What else do you think should be on your checklist for an outstation tour?

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