Cabs or taxis have been playing a big role in enhancing mobility and transportation for many years now. Whether provided by a taxi services company, travel agent, or public transport services, cabs are nowadays the most preferred way of transportation. 

If you live in Jodhpur or are planning a tour or trip to Jodhpur, you must know about the types of taxi services available in the city. Cabs are kind of daily essential today, whether to travel to office from home, explore the places to visit in Jodhpur, travel to outstation, etc. There are several kinds of cab services but every service has its own purpose and benefits. 

Following are the primary types of taxi services in Jodhpur or the Blue City:

1. Private Cabs

A private taxi can be booked for several purposes. You can hire a private car for one-way travel and round-trip to outstation, as well as for Jodhpur sightseeing or corporate services.

Private cabs are provided by a taxi services company. The available variety of fleet usually includes Hatchback cars (Maruti Swift, Alto, Wagon R), Sedan cars (Toyota Etios, Swift Dzire), and SUV cars (Innova, Ertica, Innova Crysta). 

The charges for private taxi services in Jodhpur are based on the number of kilometres travelled, number of hours, and the type of car chosen. Some companies also provide services at a fixed rate, like travel from Jodhpur to Jaipur for INR 4,500.

2. Local Sightseeing and Tour Cabs

There are some travel agents that dedicatedly provide taxi services in Jodhpur for local sightseeing and tourism. You can book cabs for Jodhpur tour packages or request for a customized tour plan according to your preference. For instance, you can choose to explore the best places to visit in Jodhpur or book a cab for nearby places like Osian, Khichan, Pokaran, etc. 

3. Cab Aggregators

Cab aggregators are the marketplaces that bring together drivers and passengers on a single platform. Ola and Uber are some fine examples of cab aggregators. For those having Ola and Uber applications on their smartphones and travelling to Jodhpur for a trip, both the services are available in Jodhpur.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to find a cab though. Unlike metro cities, you can’t find an Ola or Uber whenever you want. The unavailability is more during the night till morning. For solo travellers who usually like to book a bike on cab aggregators services, the additional option is Rapido Bike. 

4. Carpools

A cost-effective option to book outstation cabs in Jodhpur is to opt for carpooling. You have to share the cab with other passengers or riders travelling on the same route as yours. For instance, if you are travelling from Jodhpur to Jaipur, then you may share the cab with someone travelling from Jodhpur to Kishangarh, Ajmer, etc. It helps you save significant costs as the total fare is shared with co-passengers. 

5. Prepaid Taxi Service Counter

Prepaid counters for taxi services are generally available at airports. These cab services are controlled by the government. So, when you travel with a prepaid counter, you need to pay in advance, the way you pay for travelling on buses and trains. 

The benefit of opting for a prepaid taxi is that the fares are calculated using an estimated fare schedule which does the calculation according to distance, such as 5 km, 10 km, etc. These types of taxi services help in avoiding conflict between drivers and passengers. 

You can find prepaid counters at Jodhpur airport, but the availability of service is not guaranteed. 

Benefits of Hiring Trusted Taxi Services Company Over Others

While there are multiple types of taxi services available in Jodhpur, you must opt for a trusted taxi provider for a convenient and memorable travel experience. Here are some benefits of hiring a trusted taxi services company:

  • Reasonable price
  • Professional drivers
  • On-time pick-up & drop
  • Convenience
  • Clean and hygienic cabs
  • Satisfaction 

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the right cab service type depends on your travel requirements, convenience, and experience. Regardless of the cab you choose, you must ensure that the taxi service provider is trusted and authoritative so that you get a pleasant travel experience in Jodhpur. 


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