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Nothing beats the experience of a road trip, whether you are going with your friends, partner, or family. Depending on the number of members, you can choose the right car and enjoy your trip. Today, there are several car rental services available all over India that you can book quickly to any city and visit all the places at your convenience. 

While planning a trip, people often look for either hiring a car rental company or a travel planner. But which option is better for you? What are the benefits of hiring a car rental company over a travel planner? What questions should you ask before booking car rental services? Let’s discuss all these things quickly in this write-up.

Benefits of Hiring Car Rental Company in Jodhpur 

1. Privacy

Privacy is among the primary reasons to hire a private cab. whenever you want. Chit-chatting with your friends or family members, listening to your favorite songs, etc. makes your travel experience enjoyable.

2. Flexibility

You can start your trip on your preferred date and time, ask the driver to stop for snacks, lunch, dinner, refreshments, etc. If there are some other places in the way that you want to see, this can be easily done. 

3. Cost-effective

If you compare the cost of your trip between car rental services and travel planners, you will find car rental very cost-effective and cheaper. You are charged on the basis of the number of kilometers, rather than the entire package. This is another main reason behind more people preferring private cabs over tour packages.

4. Safety & Security

You travel with an experienced and professional driver who knows all the routes and ensures that your journey is safe. Moreover, reliable cab service providers clean and sanitize the cabs before and after every trip to avoid the chances of COVID-19 spreading. 

Car Rental v/s Travel Planner

There are several advantages of hiring car rentals over travel planners. 

First, you can choose the places you want to visit. For instance, you are traveling to Jodhpur. When you book a cab with a car rental company, you can decide whether you want to visit Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, or any other places.

Second, you have the freedom to spend as much time as you like at tourist places. For instance, if your travel planner gives two hours for the Mehrangarh fort tour, you may need to get things done within their time window. Whereas, with the car rental service, you can take more time if you like the vibes and want to enjoy them. 

Third, the cost is a factor you would want to consider. With travel packages, you end up paying commission for everything, right from car services to hotel bookings. Whereas, when you opt for car rental, there is no commission involved. You can also choose hotels and other locations of your choice without paying additional charges.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Car Rental Company 

1. Do you provide cars on the basis of the number of passengers?

You wouldn’t want to travel in an SUV if you are traveling with your partner or the total number of passengers is not more than four. This results in paying additional unnecessarily. On the other hand, if you are in a group of six people, you will need a car like an Innova or other SUV. Therefore, ask what sorts of cars are available for booking. 

2. What does the total cost include?

Many car rental service providers offer cabs at per km charges, and the rest of the charges are excluded, like toll tax, parking, driver allowance, etc. If you don’t ask all the cost details initially, it may hamper your overall budget in the end.

3. Do you provide airport pick-up and drop?

If you are traveling via a flight to your destination city, you will need a car for pick-up and drop. Confirm whether the car rental company provides it.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your plan for any reason, does the company provide a full refund or partial refund? 

  1. Can I hire more than one car at a time?

If you want to book more than one car for your trip, ask the company whether they have fleet availability. 

Wrapping Up:

So, it was all about car rental services for outstation and local tours. You must understand what is better for you between a car rental company and travel planners. Hope the points mentioned above answer all your questions. For booking a car or other doubts, feel free to write in the comments or connect with us. 


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