Clock Tower Jodhpur

Located in the center of the Sardar Market, Ghantaghar or Clock Tower is one of the most sought-after shopping and tourist destinations in Jodhpur. Ghantaghar abodes a beautiful and majestic clock tower which is a famous landmark and marks the start of the old city of Jodhpur. The tower presents a beautiful panoramic landscape of the Blue City from its top. 

Surrounded by a street market that is famous for all kinds of spices, ethnic clothes, jewelry, and decorations. The red chilies found here are world-renowned, and you will end up buying them after you indulge in the mouth-watering Jodhpuri cuisine. The landmark is more of an architectural delight. After you are done with a dekko of this mesmerizing beauty, you can check out the vibrant market area for trinkets, as the entire region is known for selling a variety of handicrafts, such as traditional sarees and kurtas, bangles, souvenirs, local crafts, and much more.

There is no better place in the world to shop for these exquisite spices than Jodhpur’s Ghantaghar itself. It provides a truly local experience, with local shops and shoppers everywhere buying fresh vegetables, shopping for saris, spices, etc. It is the best of India’s chaotic market places, with all the amazing colours, flavours and swirling masses that make up this mystical land. 

With Mehrangarh Fort in the backdrop, Ghantaghar presents a unique and mesmerizing view that can take aback any traveler. When fatigued after a shopping spree, you can sip on Makhania lassi at Mishrilal Hotel, which is believed to be the best lassi place in the world by locals. Also, gobble on delicious shahi samosa to give a wonderful closure to your experience of shopping in Jodhpur.

The market or bazaar is home to more than a thousand small shops that sell various products at quite a reasonable price. This bustling market is famous for selling spices, handicrafts, tea, sweets, jewellery and much more. 

Crammed with around seven thousand big and small shops, the whole area is a shopper’s dream come true. For any tourist looking for shopping options, Ghanta Ghar is just the place to be!

Tip: Though the shopkeepers and locals are all very helpful and welcoming, you can bargain on the cost of the items as prices charged on even the simplest items are usually inflated for tourists. 

Location: Clock Tower Rd, Ghantaghar Market, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001 

Time Required: Less than 1 hour

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Famous for: Spices

History of Ghanta Ghar or the Famous Clock Tower of Jodhpur

Ghanta Ghar was established during Maharaja Sardar Singh’s reign (between late-19th Century and early 20th Century) as a major landmark near the Mehrangarh. The Clock was bought from London and is believed to be bought from the company that made the Clock Tower in London. The area gradually became one of the most bustling and busy areas of Jodhpur city. Several shops came up, and a marketplace, known as the Sardar Market, was set up, which was named after the Maharaja and, since then, has been a shopper’s delight. During the time, products like spices, vegetables, clothing, tools etc., were available in the market. Today, the scene is relatively modern as a lot more is sold and purchased at this market.

How to reach Ghanta Ghar? The tourists can easily reach Ghantaghar by taking a taxi in Jodhpur. It is located near Nai Sadak and is barely 4 km from the city center. By road, travelers would have to take either the NH 62 – Ratanada Road route or the NH 62 – Harish Joshi Marg route to reach the landscape.

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