Why 2 types of number plates are used in the Taxis - Do you know?

You have seen a lot of vehicles on the roads moving here and there. Distinctive vehicles are used for distinct purposes and to differentiate from each other, these vehicles have different types of registration number plates. 

According to the “Motor Vehicle Act 1988”, all motorized vehicles in India be it Petrol, Diesel, or Electric should bear a registered license plate commonly known as number plates. In India, different number plates have been used for different purposes. From April 2019, the Government of India made the High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) mandatory for all vehicles. 

These number plates can be found in different colors which denote their utility for specific purposes.

This includes:

  • White number plate with black text 
  • Yellow number plate with black text
  • Black number plate with yellow text
  • Blue number plate with white text
  • Green number plate with white text
  • Green number plate with yellow text
  • Red number plate with white text
  • Red plate with the national emblem
  • Upward pointing arrow

White number plates are most commonly used for private vehicles. Blue number plate white text can only be given to the foreign diplomats serving in India. 

As the green number plates with white texts are reserved for the electric vehicles, similarly the green number plate with yellow texts is reserved for commercial electric vehicles. 

Red number plates with white texts are offered to new vehicles with temporary registration. Two number plates are used for the government vehicles, one is an Upward pointing arrow and another one is a red plate with a national emblem. 

The Upward arrow is assigned to all defense-owned vehicles and the red national emblem plate is for the President of India and for the state governors. Yellow and Black number plates are used by taxis in India. 

But have you ever wondered why two number plates for two different taxis? Today we will discuss these two number plates used in taxis, but with different motives.  

Yellow Number Plate with Black Text

These number plates are the most common ones that can be seen easily on Indian roads. These plates are reserved for all motorized vehicles used for commercial purposes. Yellow number plates also have a different road tax structure than the common white ones. 

Vehicles such as buses, trucks, minivans, load-vans, auto-rickshaws, and taxis are eligible for these number plates. These vehicles are not meant for rental or self-driven purposes.

Black Number Plate with Yellow Text

These types of plates are not the most common ones because most of the time, these plates with yellow text on a blackboard are owned by the luxury hotels and with their own chauffeur. Vehicles with this number plate can also be used to fulfill rental objectives.

Difference Between Yellow and Black Number Plates

Both number plates can be used for commercial purposes. Both types of vehicles are privately owned but with a slight difference. Drivers of a vehicle with a Yellow plate and black font must have a commercial driving permit else they will be liable to the penalty of a heavy fine or vehicle seizure. 

But with the drivers of the Black plate and yellow font vehicles, there is no such requirement of a compulsory commercial driving permit. This is the reason why the latter one is popular among luxury hotels. 

These vehicles are specifically meant for rental and self-driven purposes. One thing that is worth remembering is that black number plate vehicles also come with zero debt insurance, so even after the heavy damage made to the vehicle, the driver has to pay only 3000 to 5000 as the liability to the owner. 

This is all about the brief information about different number plates used in taxis and basic information about the other types of number plates. 


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