Self Driving Cabs vs Cab Rental

With the rise of digitization in India, booking taxis and hiring self-driving cars are also gaining properties. You can easily travel to your favorite destinations. Self-driving options are also getting prevalent in India. Both taxis and self-driving cars are excellent options for daily commuters. 

Taxi culture is quite old in India, and self-driving cars are more prevalent in US and European countries. Slowly but this culture is also gaining popularity in India. Especially after the arrival of a novel coronavirus, people are transiting more to self-drive cars because of their added advantages.

There is not much difference between both the services, but they serve different purposes. It is necessary to choose one as per the requirements. But what is the difference between them and how to choose the perfect one? You are already known to taxi services, but self-driving cars are a new concept in India. Today we will discuss their differences and advantages. 

What are Self Driving Cabs?

Self driving cabs are the same as your regular taxis, and you pay for the services. With a taxi, you pay for your ride, and for self-drive cars, you pay for the whole vehicle. This service comes with driverless vehicles, and you have to ride them by yourself. Taxi service providers offer both fuel and maintenance packages, but you have to use your money to fuel up the vehicle in most cases. These cabs are charged both monthly and early, and you choose according to your usage. 

Advantages of Self Driving Cabs:


There are weekend or late-night trips where you don’t want to travel with your driver. Some trips are meant with friends and family, and the presence of a driver decreases both spaces on a person and your comfort. This situation gets even worse on a long trip that usually spans for some days. The privacy you get with a self-driving car is matchless because it’s your vehicle and your company with whom you can enjoy the ride. 


The sense of safety you get in the self-driving car is unparalleled because the drivers are some of those professions who work hard without getting paid well. It happens several times when you hire a taxi, and the driver is already exhausted or tired. In that case, your safety will be compromised. 

One most significant factor associated with self-drive cabs is hygiene because there is no driver means no chance of getting infected with the virus, and you can sanitize your vehicle as much as you want.


Taxis also come with the boundation of your departure and planning. Having a driver with you sometimes makes you irritated as he constantly reminds you of the leaving time. You can also not travel early in the morning if your driver is not in the mood to do so. The midway stops and time are also not feasible with a taxi, but you can do all these things as per your requirements with a self-drive vehicle. 


Taxis may be convenient and cheaper for short rides, but it’s a self-drive car that serves the purpose of long journeys. For example, an SUV cab will easily charge 3000 rupees for a distance of 200 km, and you get a self-drive car for the whole day for around the same price without any KMS boundation. 


The most significant factor that influences people to transit from rental taxis to self-drive cars is the duration of the vehicle. Taxis are an excellent option for a single-day trip, but if you want a car for a week and more than that, it is where self-drive cars come into action. It is one of the primary reasons to consider when comparing Self driving cabs v/s cab rental. 

If the points mentioned above are your priority, you should any day choose a self-drive vehicle over a rental taxi. 

Advantage of Rental Taxi:

Route Familiarity 

If you are new in the city, you probably aren’t familiar with the town’s routes. Due to their work, the taxi drivers are most familiar with the whole town and save your time. You can see more places than usual if you hire a rental taxi. 

Zero Responsibility 

There is no need to worry about parking damage or scratches because the responsibility of the vehicle is on the driver’s side, and you have to sit idle at the back seat while enjoying the ride. The cleaning and maintenance of the car is also the driver’s responsibility. 

Discounts and offers 

Cab service providers sometimes offer various offers to make your travel cheaper than the self driving cabs. In the competitive era, everybody wants to stay ahead of their competition, and it’s you who benefits from those offers.  

No advance payment 

With Self driving cars, you have to pay the amount in advance and a refundable security deposit as well, but with a rental taxi, there is no such boundation; you pay only after the trip. This saves you from the process of refund. 


The drivers of the rental taxis are punctual and help you to meet the deadlines. Even if your pickup is at 3 am, you will be picked up on time. 

As the people of India advance towards prosperity, they start understanding what is more beneficial for them. None of those mentioned above services is wrong or inferior to one other, but it’s a matter of choice and requirements. 

If you are working professionally and get transferred frequently, then a self-drive car will be an excellent option for you. On the other hand, if you are a casual tourer, the rental taxi sounds more economical. You can now hire a self driving taxi in Jodhpur to make your city visit more convenient and pleasurable. 

Taxi rental in Jodhpur is an ideal choice to make your trip in desert land memorable. 

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