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Jodhpur is a place of delicacies, heritage, and history. While every place, every fort, and every street have their own stories, the one who explores them becomes part of them. Likewise, among many things and places, temples in Jodhpur are equally interesting and worthy of visiting.

If you are new to Jodhpur or here on vacation, set aside one day to visit the famous temples in Jodhpur. You won’t regret it. With all the requisite details, we bring you a list of temples in Jodhpur to visit while you are here in the blue city. In this article, you will also find interesting things to do while you are in Jodhpur.

List Of Famous Temples In Jodhpur – Location, Timings and Attractions Nearby

Now, you might or might not know about these below-mentioned temples already, but if you want to make a guide and visit the temples in a day, then this is where you will find a list of famous temples in Jodhpur.

1. Ganesh Temple, Jodhpur

ganesh mandir jodhpur

The Ganesh Temple, also known as the “Ganesh Mandir,” is undoubtedly one of the most famous temples in Jodhpur. Situated in Ratanada, Jodhpur, this temple is the go-to place for every family because of its beautiful scenic views.

Location Ganesh Mandir, Ratanda, Jodhpur
Timings5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Attractions NearbyGarden
Jodhpur street shopping
National handloom

With a beautiful garden, fountains, and a beautiful sunset, you will find a peace you have never felt before. You can have a view of Jodhpur by just standing on the hill where the temple is. You will find a crowd on Wednesdays, so if you are planning to visit there for the first time, we suggest you go on any other weekday.

2. Siddhanath Shiv Temple, Jodhpur

sidhnath mahadev temple jodhpur

Unpaved, uneven paths and stairs made of cutting stones that lead to Siddhanath temple are enough to excite hikers, aren’t they? But don’t worry, it’s still accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly, and you can enjoy nature up close with the nearby lake and peaceful environment. 

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the famous temples in Jodhpur, was constructed by a saint named Gaurishankar, who himself made stairs and a temple on the mountain. And hence the beauty of the temple remains unchanged. 

Location Takhat sagar hills, near Kaylana lake, Jodhpur.
TimingsOpen 24 hours
Open on all weekdays
Attractions NearbyKaylana Lake
Bheem Bhadak
Machia Biological Park

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3. Mahamandir Temple, Jodhpur

mahamadir temple jodhpur

Not so far from the beauty of Mandore Garden, Mahamandir Shiv Temple will always be the most iconic temple in Jodhpur because of its architecture. The aesthetic approach of carving yoga poses on each pillar of the temple dictates a whole interesting story.

Mahamandir Temple is open all weekdays. This architectural marvel, built in 1812 CE, exudes beauty and serenity. You can book a taxi in Jodhpur to explore this temple and the best places to visit in Jodhpur.

Location Mahamandir, Mandore Road, Jodhpur
Timings5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m. to  9:00 p.m.
Attractions NearbyMandore Garden

4. Santoshi Mata Temple, Jodhpur

santoshi mata temple jodhpur

Santoshi Mata Temple is one of the most famous temples in Jodhpur because many devotees have successfully relieved themselves from the atrocities of life by believing in the goddess Santoshi.

Located a little far from the city, this temple is near Lal Sagar, Jodhpur. It has in-temple shops for all things you might need for worship. The hill opposite the temple is also used for trekking purposes. On Fridays, the temple is usually more crowded than on the rest of the week. 

Location Santoshi Mata Temple, Maderana, Jodhpur
Timings5 AM to 12 PM
5 PM to 10 PM
24/7 open in Navratri
Attractions NearbyMandore Garden
Surpura Dam

The history of the temple is quite interesting. It is said that the priest of the temple, named Udaramji Sankhla, saw the goddess in real life 56 years ago, and since then he has inaugurated this temple with an idol of the goddess and been devoted to her ever since.

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5. Chamunda Mata Temple, Jodhpur

chamunda mata temple jodhpur

It is a very well known and famous temple in Jodhpur. This temple is situated at the end of the Mehrangarh Fort. It is suggested by the locals and historians that Rao jodha, the empress of jodhpur,  brought the idol of goddess from Mandore in 1460.

Location mehron ko bass, Gulab Sagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001
Timings9 AM to 5 PM
Open for all weekday
Attractions NearbyMehrangarh Fort
Rao Jodha Desert Park
Jaswant Thada

This temple is known for “Manglik Pooja” and is revered by the Rajput community of Rajasthan. You should visit here while you are in Jodhpur visiting Mehrangarh. Looking at Navratri and Durga Pooja is priceless here at Chamunda Mata Temple. Tourists visiting Mehrangarh Fort, whether by Jodhpur Sightseeing Taxi or own vehicle, should not miss the Chamunda temple.

6. Pal Balaji Temple, Jodhpur

pal balaji jodhpur

Wrapping up the list of best temples in Jodhpur, on the outskirts of the city, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Every Tuesday and Saturday, devotees flock to Pal Balaji Temple. It is well-known among Jodhpur residents and thus makes the list of famous temples in Jodhpur.

Location Pal balaji mandir, Pal road, Jodhpur
Timings5 AM to 8 PM
All Week days
Attractions NearbyAshok garden
Shastri Circle
Masuriya Hills

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There are a few more famous temples in Jodhpur, such as Iskcon Temple, Jain Temple, and Rotary Balaji Temple, where you can visit, along with many more local temples, although one temple you must visit that is near Jodhpur: Om Banna Temple, Jodhpur. 

All of the temples in various areas of Jodhpur have one thing in common: they are not advertised or monetized. No entrance fees are taken from anyone, whether local or visiting. You just go there to offer your prayers, and that’s it. This is the beauty of the temples in Jodhpur: you will find beautiful views, architecture, values, history, and peace for free. 

As a part of your visit to Jodhpur, make sure to include these temples in your to-do list. They are near your shopping centers, monuments, gardens, and cafes, so while you are wondering what to do when you are in Jodhpur, you can always tick off these places. Make sure to visit historical monuments nearby these temples; you will see a lot of relevance.

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