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Not to state the obvious, but Jodhpur is a shopper’s paradise. You will get everything here, from spices to handicrafts to jewellery and incomparable traditional clothes. If you are looking for the best shopping places in Jodhpur, then this is the best article for you.

We will be covering all the places, from shopping malls to wholesale markets in Jodhpur. You will need a day or two to cover all these places, as you are not just going for a shopping experience but also an authentic Jodhpur tour (also a food journey) with this article. 

Now, let’s go over everything in detail.

Top Market and Shopping Places in Jodhpur 

If you are wondering where to shop in Jodhpur, then you can always start with the basic traditional market in the old city, shopping malls in the main city, or brand showrooms to fit your needs. 

But if you are specifically looking to shop for everything from jewellery to traditional Leheriya to Mojri, then you must visit these top 5 shopping places in Jodhpur before going anywhere.

1. Nai Sarak, Jodhpur

nai sarak jodhpur

If you are a fan of eating food while shopping, then this might be the perfect place for you. Nai Sarak is where you will find the authenticity of Jodhpuri traditional clothes. From colourful Bandhej (Bandhani) sarees to beautiful Leheriya Dupattas and Rajasthani turbans to unstitched cloth pieces- Nai Sarak Jodhpur shopping market have it all. 

You will find several options for wholesale buying markets.

  • You can visit the most famous Janta Sweets restaurant while you are here at Nai Sarak for shopping.
  • You can visit the National Handloom for a shopping experience where you will find handicrafts, clothes, and footwear for everyone.
  • The next shopping destination is close by, i.e., Ghanta Ghar.

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2. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower Market), Jodhpur

clock tower market jodhpur

The renowned clocktower, or as we know it, Ghanta Ghar, is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur. In the second position among the top shopping places in Jodhpur, this market is famous for its diversity. 

You can buy famous Jodhpur spices from here, along with artistic handicrafts and clothes with hand embroidery and designs.

  • Try Mishrilal Lassi and Rabdi while you are here, you will love it, it is a delicacy of Jodhpur.
  • Make sure to explore the Clock Tower to experience the old Jodhpur shopping experience.
  • You can click some Instagram-worthy pictures while you are here; also, put on sunscreen as the day is going to be long and fun!
  • Book a Jodhpur sightseeing taxi to make your travel experience hassle-free.

3. Sardarpura, Jodhpur

Okay! So if you want to buy branded clothes and jewellery, you go to Sardarpura. If you want to buy boutique-made clothes, branded apparel, footwear, or jewellery, you go here. Sardarpura is among the famous shopping places in Jodhpur. You name a thing, from expensive to cheap, and you will find it here. 

Sardarpura Roads are divided into several sections, such as A, B, C, and D. So if you are looking for a branded shopping spree, go to Sardarpura C Road. And if you are looking for something in between cheap and expensive, dive into B Road.

  • You can do your whole wedding shopping here, and you will find everything from jewellery to your wedding address.
  • You will come across fancy cafes and restaurants on C Road. You can try them. Rooftop cafes are recommended.
  • Nykaa, Trends, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Van Heusen, and Manyavar—you can find everything here.

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4. Mochi Bazar, Jodhpur

mochi market jodhpur

As the name suggests, the Mochi Bazar, Jodhpur is ideal for footwear shopping places in Jodhpur. The Mochi Bazar has intricate designs of Mojris, the traditional footwear of Jodhpur, which can be paired up with salwar suits, kurtas, sarees, and western apparel. 

It is for both men and women, and you can also give customised orders as per your requirements, given the similarity of your clothes for any events or so. Mochi Bazar translates to “Cobbler’s Market” in the English language.

  • Mojris are footwear styles like bellies or loafers that are easy to wear and beautifully made in every colour and design.
  • You can also find bangles made of lakh and interesting handmade jewellery.
  • It is an attraction for foreigners, so prices can be high, but you can always bargain.

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5. Tripolia Bazar, Jodhpur

tripolia bazar jodhpur

Saving the best for last, Jodhpur’s Tripolia Bazar is undoubtedly one of the top 5 places when it comes to Jodhpur shopping market. It is a treasure trove for every local. 

With good-quality clothes and accessories at a not-so-expensive price and a bunch of varieties, who would not want them? If you are short on time, then you can just directly go here after Nai Sarak, and you will get everything mentioned above here. 

  • Everything from traditional to western can be found here, in a variety of qualities, prices, and varieties.
  • It is near several places, such as the Clock Tower and Nai Sarak, so you can just pick a path and get everything in one area only.
  • To find a good shop, it’s best to go with any local friends so they can suggest the best shopping places in Tripolia. You can also book a taxi service in Jodhpur with Royal Rajasthan Cabs, as the drivers are familiar with everything in the city and can help you make the most out of your Jodhpur shopping market experience.

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Other Jodhpur Shopping Markets

Of course, there are more places for shopping, such as:

  • Zohri and Sarafa Bazar for jewellery, 
  • Sardar Market for buying handicrafts, 
  • Sojati Gate Market for traditional clothes, handicrafts, and artistic pieces, 
  • Umaid Bhawan Market for pottery, and 
  • National Handloom for beautiful paintings and cost-effective gift items or souvenirs.


In Jodhpur, there is something for everyone, so if you are still confused about where to shop in Jodhpur, follow these top 5 shopping places in Jodhpur for your ultimate experience. It is promising that these places won’t disappoint you. 

The main trick is to identify the best shop among competitors and enhance your bargaining skills. Else, you are good to go shopping in Jodhpur, and you can always go to the malls that you will find everywhere in the city for your routine shopping. 

However, once you go to Blue City to explore, you will be captivated by the beauty of traditional, aesthetic clothing and accessories. Happy Shopping!

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