Jodhpur city has been the most desirable destination for tourists from all over India. It makes the most important part of Rajasthan’s tourism circle. 

At Jodhpur, tourists get to explore the vibrant history of Rajasthan and its beautiful culture. It was the capital of the Marwar empire and therefore has a strong history. The glorious tales of Jodhpur attract thousands of national and international tourists from across the globe. 

People often believe that Jodhpur is just about its history and monuments, but it is not true. Apart from the glorious architectural monuments, there are many other beautiful places to visit in Jodhpur. One such place is Samrat Ashok Udhyan Jodhpur.

Let’s know everything about this famous garden, including history, things to do, address, timings, ticket price, and more. 

About Samrat Ashok Udhyan Jodhpur

Samrat Ashok Udhyan is a beautiful community park serving as a leisure, activity, and picnic spot in Jodhpur for locals and tourists. The park spreads over a large area and encompasses a beautiful garden. 

One can find beautiful trees, landscapes, hangings and rides, an open theatre, walking, and jogging paths, and fountains inside this park. 

The place looks beautiful and soothing. The garden also has dedicated fountains that enhance the serenity of this place. 

One such beautiful garden in Jodhpur city is Mandore Garden that offers the finest scenic view and historical architecture. 

ashok udhyan jodhpur

History of Ashok Udhyan Jodhpur

Ashok Udhyan was constructed in 1998 under the government initiative. 

The foundation stone of this garden was laid under the guidance of the then-state government of Rajasthan. 

The aim was to develop a huge community park to beautify barren land and favour the life quality of nearby people. 

The construction process was hurdled due to political rivalries and goals. The construction work was paced up in 2004, and finally, the park began to shape up in 2007. 

Activities and Things to do at Ashok Udhyan in Jodhpur

Generally, people in urban areas find it very difficult to find a perfect place to perform physical activities. Ashok Udhyan serves this purpose very effectively. Fitness enthusiasts across the city highly admire the place. 

People from distinct areas of the city visit Ashok garden for jogging, walking and performing other physical exercises. Many children, youngsters, and elderly people perform various exercises and physical activities in this park. 

Early morning and evenings are the most preferred time for people to visit the park. The park has a dedicated jogging path that lets people run and jog without any disturbances. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and greenery while walking along the path. 

The beautiful garden also serves as a social park for families. One can sit on the benches or on the grass and spend time with their family and friends. It is a great place to socialize and make new friends. Many people visit the park, and you may get to know people and make friends with them. 

1. Spend Quality Time With Family and Kids

Spending quality time with family and loved ones is very important in this hectic lifestyle. Often in big cities finding a perfect natural environment to create happy memories with family is difficult. Going out on picnics is the best way to solve this issue. 

Ashok Udhyan is the finest picnic spot in Jodhpur.  People, along with their families, can spend some quality time close to nature. 

The place is perfect for every person in the family. Kids can enjoy the swings and slides. Youngsters can walk across the path while enjoying their conversation. Elderly people can sit on a bench and enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the huge park. 

2. Go for Picnic

We assure you that it is the best picnic spot for you and your family in Jodhpur. Enjoy the natural beauty, chirping birds, and pleasant wind and attain mental peace at this mesmerizing place. It is a must-visit tourist place in Jodhpur. 

3. Enjoy Greenery and Scenic Beauty of Ashok Udhyan

Who does not like to get close to the natural environment? The natural environment helps our mind to rejuvenate, and our body rejoices. It is difficult to find such places in populated cities like Jodhpur. 

The natural beauty and peaceful environment that this place offers are extraordinary. Finding such an exotic spot elsewhere in Jodhpur city takes work. The garden homes several beautiful vegetation and flowering plants. 

The beautiful vibrant appearance of plants and flowers releases all stress from your mind. One can simply enjoy taking deep breaths while sitting close to such a beautiful location. 

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Samrat ashok udhyan jodhpur

Ashok Udhyan Jodhpur Address (Location)

The park is on Pal Road on Jodhpur-Bikaner national highway. 

The exact address of Ashok garden Jodhpur is: 35 Ashok Udhyan, Pal Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342008

Ashok Udhyan Jodhpur Timings

The park is open to all visitors 7 days a week throughout the year. 

  • Opening time- 8:00 AM
  • Closing time- 10:00 PM

Entry Fee (Ticket Price)

There is no entry fee to visit Ashok Garden Jodhpur. Visitors should be aware of frauds who ask for entry fees for the garden. 

How to Reach?

  • Jodhpur Junction to Ashok Udhyan: 7.2Km
  • Jodhpur Airport to Ashok Udhyan: 9.6Km
  • Jodhpur Bus Stand to Ashok Udhyan: 11.5Km

The best way to reach Ashok Udhyan is by booking a taxi service in Jodhpur. Visitors can enjoy the city vibes during their travel to this garden. Exploring nearby shopping places and restaurants is easy while travelling in a cab. 

Best Restaurants Near Ashok Udhyan Garden

  • Spicy Kitchen Restaurant (800m)
  • Shandar Dhaba (450m)
  • Burgrill  (200m)
  • The Hideout Cafe (150m)
  • Arabica Cafe (3.7km)
  • Rd’z Food and Bakery (200m)
  • Baba Ramdev Dhaba (1Km)
  • Shandar Bhoj (1.4Km)
  • Shyaam Restaurant (2.3Km)

Best Tourist Attractions Nearby

Below is the list of best places to visit in Jodhpur near Ashok Udhyan:

Kaylana Lake4.7km
Machia Biological Park9.1Km
Bal Samand Lake14.7Km
Chopasni Mandir4.4Km
Siddhanath Mandir5.4Km
Bhim Bhadak Cave11.2Km


Ashok Udhyan is something that misses the tourist attraction. However, anyone who appreciates the environment must visit the place during their Jodhpur visit. The park is the best place to explore the natural beauty and birds and to bring about peace in your mind. 

The ultimate beauty of this location is perfect for spending quality time with loved ones. Apart from the natural beauty, the best part is the market and food stalls that one can find around the garden. Given an opportunity, you should visit it once. 

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