Jodhpur, also known as Blue city, is a blessed place. For years it has been the favorite tourist destination for travelers in Rajasthan. It is home to some of India’s best monuments and historical architecture. 

Apart from its famous monuments, Jodhpur is famous for its historical stories and tales. One such tale is related to a beautiful lake in Jodhpur known by the name of Ranisar-Padamsar Lake. The lake is known for its immense beauty and intense history. Its soothing location is enough to mesmerize your eyes. 

The amazing scenic beauty of the lake is perfect to start or end your Jodhpur tourism journey. Jodhpur is a heat-dominated town. Tourists will feel much more relaxed while sitting next to this lake. The cold breeze gives you a tempting feeling and joy when passing through you. 

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History of Ranisar Padamsar Lake Jodhpur

Jodhpur has been a water-scarce place for years. There is no natural supply of water in Jodhpur. The prime aim of building Ranisar lake was to support water conservation. Conserved water would help the population fulfill their demands. The construction of the lake is dated back to the 15th century. Then, it has been 500 years since the lake made its own resemblance in the city. 

Rao Jodha laid the foundation stone to build Jodhpur city and served as the king for years. His wife, Maharani Jashmade Hadi, ordered the authorities to construct a lake that would solve the water crisis in the city. In earlier time majority of the population lived near the Mehrangarh Fort. So the authorities decided to construct the lake near the fort, and it was named Ranisar lake.  

Later, Rajkumari Padmini came forward and asked the government to build another lake next to the existing Ranisar lake. In the Jodhpur Kingdom, queens were fully authorized to look after the well-being of the city’s population. Later on, these lakes popularly came to know as Ranisar-Padamsar lake. They are a great example of kingdoms’ care and gratitude towards the city’s citizens. Ranisar-Padamsar lake will always glorify the history of Jodhpur city. 

Ranisar Padamsar Timings

The lake is open 24 hours throughout the year. However, we advise our tourists to visit the lake from 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. The place becomes somewhat deserted after 6:00 Pm. 

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Ranisar-Padamsar Lake Address

The lake is located very close to the very world-famous majestic Mehrangarh Fort. 

  • The Exact address of the lake is The, Fort Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342006

Things to Do at Ranisar Padamsar Lake Jodhpur

Famous Restaurant Nearby

  • Nirvana Home
  • Dev Kothi Restaurant
  • Stepwell Cafe and Restaurant
  • The Blue Turban
  • Pal Haveli

Places to Stay Near Ranisar and Padamsar Lake

1. Pal Haveli

Distance- 3.9Km

Price- ₹5000 per night

2. Dev Kothi

Distance- 1.7Km

Price- ₹2500 per night

3. RAAS Jodhpur

Distance- 1.8Km

Price- ₹13,000 per night

4. FERN Residency

Distance- 4Km

Price- ₹6000 per night

5. Ajit Bhawan 

Distance- 6.1Km

Price- ₹8000 per night

Ranisar Padamsar Lake Distance

  • Jodhpur junction railway station to Ranisar-Padamsar lake- 2.8 Km 
  • Jodhpur airport to Ranisar-Padamsar lake- 7.6 Km
  • Jodhpur bus stand to Ranisar Padamsar lake- 6.0 Km

Best Way to Reach Ranisar Padamsar Lake

There are few modes to commute to the lake. There are a few local taxi options, but they are less reliable than your own private taxi. You can enjoy the beautiful science view and stop your taxi to click some beautiful pictures around. It is best to book your private taxi in Jodhpur to visit the lake. 


Exploring such a beautiful town is a lifetime memory. You get to visit beautiful places and experience history with your eyes. Ranisar-Padamsar is a prime example of how kingdoms were serving their population. It shows the sacrifice and love of the people of Jodhpur city. 
Experience the surreal beauty of this lake. Book your own taxi service in Jodhpur and visit all the famous tourist attractions.

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