Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden in Jodhpur is among the most popular places to visit in Blue City. 

It was the capital of Jodhpur City before Rao Jodha changed it to Mehrangarh. Located around 9 km from the city center, this is among the best places to visit in jodhpur 

Mandore Garden is located in the Mandore area (also a village). This proud village was the location of a sizable township and fort. It did not experience the same level of development as Mehrangarh after relocating to Jodhpur and Mandore’s waning status. The beautiful Mandore Garden and a few different buildings are all that are left now.

Jodhpur Mandore Garden History

The little village of Mandore, a suburb of Jodhpur that was previously the center of the wealthy Rathore clan of Rajputs, is located 5 kilometers from Jodhpur. 

Mandore, which served as several Rajput rulers’ capitals in addition to the Rathore Rajputs, was crucial in defending Northern India against incursions by western invaders and Muslim kings from Gujarat. 

A Pratiharas princess married into the Rathore dynasty in the sixth century, and the Rathore prince received Mandore as a wedding gift.

To safeguard the city and its inhabitants from additional assaults and invasions, the capital’s seat was moved to Mehrangarh Fort in 1450. 

mandore garden history

On the other hand, Mandore Gardens continue to stand tall and proud to recount the beautiful tales of the ancient times witnessed by the Mandore area. 

Although Mandore lost its status in 1459 CE when Mehrangarh became the new capital, the word “abandoned” cannot be used to describe the town. To help visitors envision or appreciate the remarkable past of this old town, Mandore Garden Jodhpur has been meticulously conserved.

After some time, Rao Rinmal Rathore came to power in Mandore in 1427. Up until 1438, he served as the Mewar kingdom’s administrator. Rao Rinmal was killed by the Mewar ruler Rana Khumba, who ascended to the Mandore throne after that. 

Rao Rinmal’s son fled during the assassination and made numerous unsuccessful attempts to retake Mandore. Finally, Mandore came under Rao Jodha’s dominion in 1453.

A visit to Mandore Gardens is made more interesting by historic temples, cenotaphs of former Jodhpur kings, and an ancient tunnel. However, the first things that draw attention are the magnificent temples carved out of Sandstone. 

This garden in Jodhpur is quite attractive because of its inherent charm. Likewise, the park is charming with temples, grass, galleries, and tall rock terraces.

Mandore Garden Timings

Here are the opening and closing timings of Mandore Garden Jodhpur:

  • Opening time 8:00 AM
  • Closing time: 8:00 PM

Mandore Garden Jodhpur Entry Fee/Ticket Price

Mandore Garden is free to enter. 

But entry to the museum inside costs INR 50 per person.

Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden Amusement Park (Fun World Jodhpur)

It is a beautiful location to spend time with friends and family and provides a stunning mountain backdrop. Numerous water and amusement park activities are available at this amusement park in Mandore called Fun World. 

The park is renowned for being the first of its kind. So for a fun time with your loved ones, go to Mandore Fun World.

  • Timings of Fun World Mandore: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Things to do at Mandore Garden Jodhpur

  • Visit the well-known Maharaja Ajit Singh chhatri (dewal), constructed in 1793.
  • Visit the Mandore Gardens ‘Hall of Heroes, which honors the region’s popular Rajputs and folk heroes.
  • A government museum filled with artifacts and antiquities is also located in the garden.
  • Enjoy the various amusement activities at the Fun World Mandore.

Mandore Bheruji Temple

Shri Mandore Bheruji’s temple is situated in Mandore Gardens, 8 kilometers north of Jodhpur and on the route to Osian. 

The Oswal group often goes to the temple to ask for blessings after executing the Mundan (the tonsure) and Jat (Jay-ti or Jwar) ceremonies at Osiya Mandir, Gora Bheruji, or Kala Bheruji; it differs from family to family. 

Gora Bheruji’s idol is located on the temple’s left side, Kala Bheruji’s is on the right, and Ganeshji is seated in the center. The temple also holds the Temple of 33 crore Gods in addition to Bheruji.

Best Restaurants Nearby

Here is a list of the best restaurants near Mandore Garden:

  • Royal Tarka Restaurant (500 m)
  • Shri Naganarai hotel and Restaurants (1 km)
  • Baba Ramdev Garden Restaurant (1.2 km)
  • Annapurna Restaurant (2.7 km)
  • Kebab Konner (3 km)
  • Rasala (6.1 km)
  • Rasoi Restaurant & Fast Food (3.7 km)
  • Kesari Restaurant (3.9 km)

Best Hotels Nearby

Below are some of the best hotels near Mandore Garden Jodhpur:

  • Daspan House
  • Mandore Guest House 
  • Haveli Inn Pal
  • Treebo Tryst Park Boutique
  • Karni Bhawan Heritage Hotel Jodhpur
  • Dev Kothi – Boutique Heritage Stay
  • Truly Rudransh Inn
  • Chandra Grand
  • The Rohet House

How to Reach Mandore Park?

The best way to reach Mandore Gardens is by booking a local sightseeing taxi in Jodhpur, especially when you are on a Jodhpur tour. 

The distance of the garden from Jodhpur Railway Station is around 9 km. From Jodhpur Bus Stand, it is around 7.5 km. Whereas, the distance from Jodhpur Airport to Mandore Garden is 12 km. 

FAQs Related to Mandore Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

What are the activities to do at Mandore Park Jodhpur?

1. Visit the famous cenotaph
2. Visit the ‘Hall of Heroes
3. Visit the Government Museum 

Who made Mandore Garden?

It was constructed in the reign of Maharaja Ajit Singh (1707-1724).

What is the opening time of Mandore Park?

The opening time of Mandore Park is 8 am. 

What is the location of Mandore Garden in Jodhpur?

The location is Mandore Garden, Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342007

Are cabs available in Jodhpur for outstation tours?

Yes. You can book a cab service in Jodhpur with Royal Rajasthan for both local sightseeing and outstation purposes.

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