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Jodhpur forest division has divided the district’s forest area into various blocks, and one of the essential forest blocks in Jodhpur is the Machia forest block. Machia Biological Park is a part of this forest block. The park spreads across an area of 41 hectares.  

It is considered among the best places to visit in Jodhpur and also a crucial part of wildlife in Rajasthan. In this write-up, let’s talk about Machiya Park Jodhpur, its importance, history, timings, entry fees, things to do, and much more.

History of Machia Biological Park Jodhpur 

The government in the early 2000s proposed to set up a biological park in the Blue City to rejuvenate, preserve, and cultivate designated flora and fauna. 

As a result, Machia Park was constructed with a vision to regenerate the lost ecosystem in the area and introduce wildlife in Jodhpur. 

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The Best Zoo in Jodhpur

Although there was a zoo in Jodhpur, Machia park is different from how it was built and designed. It has an abundance of flora along with beautiful wildlife here. 

Machia safari park provides shelter to many animals, reptiles, and birds. The list of animals in this zoo includes lions, tigers, leopards, the Indian sloth bear, Indian hyena, python, crocodiles, and monitor lizards. 

The Best Zoo in Jodhpur

The Machiya safari park is designed perfectly, with paths and walkways constructed along the animals’ cages. 

On the side of these walkways, visitors can witness beautiful desert plants and vegetation like babul, sargooro, missi, kharir, and many more. 

Things and Activities to do at Machiya Park Jodhpur

  • People can learn about various plants and animals in the park
  • Elephant rides are also available near the park. People can enjoy the rides while watching the area’s natural beauty.
  • Several food stalls and ice cream parlors are available outside the park. Visitors can enjoy the delicious street food.
  • Visitors can also enjoy clicking beautiful photos of the natural scenery in the area. 
  • Birdwatching is another activity visitors should do while visiting the machia biological park.


  • Summer timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Winter timings: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

It remains closed on Tuesdays.

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Machia Park Jodhpur Ticket Price

Prices vary for Indian and international tourists. Children below five years of age can visit the park free of cost.

  • Indian tourist: ₹30 for one person
  • International tourists: ₹300 for one person

Visitors need to buy permission to carry a camera. Charges for the camera are as follows:

  • Video camera- ₹200
  • Photo camera- ₹80
Machiya Biological Park

Best Places to Visit Near Machiya Biological Park

  1. Kaylana Lake
  2. Bheem Bhadak Cave
  3. Siddhanath Temple 
  4. Kadam Kandi Waterfall

How to Reach?

  • Around 10 km from the Jodhpur Railway Station
  • 11.5 km from Jodhpur Airport
  • 10 km from the Jodhpur Bus Stand

The best way to reach this place is either with a private vehicle like a bike or car, or you can book a local sightseeing taxi in Jodhpur.

Botanical Importance of Machia Biological Park

Other than animals and plants preserved at this place, visitors would be amazed to see the area’s natural beauty. It is the lap of the extensive mountain range that covers the area and it is close to Kaylana Jheel, one of the most famous lakes of Jodhpur

Small nomenclature boards that describe the generic name, family, and species of plants are installed to educate the visitors. In addition, the guides in the park inform people about environmental awareness and the importance of ex-situ conservation of various animal and plant species. 

It is best to visit these parks with kids and family. The small stone huts can serve the purpose of rest and family leisure. 

Significance and Objectives of Machia Biological Park

Machia park is essential for the conservation of endangered wild species. Natural parks are safe grounds to protect those, who are otherwise not safe in the wild. Tiger, Asiatic lion, gharial, rock python, and black are a few endangered animals protected under the forest department in Machiya safari park Jodhpur.

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The research team at this place organizes a proper breeding program for these species. They also research their habitats and living patter. These activities aim at providing better living conditions to animals. 

Furthermore, the place has a dedicated veterinary hospital for the encaged animals. Next to the veterinary hospital is a big nature interpretation center building that is a library for studying bionomics and ecology of the area. 

Here is a list of the core objectives of the Machiya zoo:

  1. To shield wildlife in Jodhpur and to provide habitation to animals.
  2. To create a place with natural beauty and endangered plant species.
  3. Make the place environmental-friendly by planting trees to ensure the production of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide.
  4. Provide a safe environment with no activities like hunting and poaching. 
  5. To provide a naturally peaceful environment for local people.
  6. Carry out research programs to study animal behavior.
  7. To make people aware of the importance of wildlife.

Machia Park FAQs

1. What is the entry fee of Machia biological park?

– Indian tourist- ₹30 for one person
– International tourists-  ₹300 for one person

2. What is the entry fee of Machia biological park?

– 1.-2 hours are enough to explore this place.

3. What are the animals at Machia biological park that we can see?

– Lion, tiger, leopard, crocodile, sloth bear, python, monitor lizards, birds, and other animals.

4. Is it allowed to use the camera in the park?

– Visitors need to buy camera tickets to click photos or capture videos,

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