Balsamand Lake Jodhpur

Balsamand lake is one of the oldest lakes in Jodhpur.

It is a man-made lake located near Mandore road in the city. The Balsamand lake and garden Jodhpur is surrounded by a beautiful, eye-catching garden of high local botanical importance. 

Jodhpur is a historical place, and the monuments and sites with their historical roots attached to the city have their history.  

Marwar was always a draught-prone area. Because of the harsh dry and desert climatic conditions, rainfall has always been a scarcity here. Balsamand lake is the symbol of efforts made by the king of Jodhpur for the survival of their kingdom and its population. 

Not only in Rajasthan, but it is also believed that Balsamand lake was the earliest artificial lake built in India. Tourists and local people can book a taxi service in Jodhpur to explore this place.

History of Balsamand Lake Jodhpur

The Balsamand lake has its root back in 1159 AD. King Balak Rao Pratihar ordered his administration to create an artificial lake to help people fight drought. This lake collects water during the rainy season and uplifts groundwater from underground basins.

History of Balsamand Lake Jodhpur

Dimensions and Length of Balsamand Lake

Balsamand lake is around a kilometer long with dimensions of 50m (breadth) X 15m (depth). People who lived in the Mandore area used the lake to fulfill their daily water and agricultural needs. It was also of great help to the people of Mandore.

Things to do at Balsamand Lake and Garden Jodhpur

  • The place is surrounded by natural beauty. People can sit and experience the peacefulness here.
  • Visitors can do horse riding activities here.
  • There are several Rajasthani handicraft shops nearby. One can visit them to see the heritage handicrafts.
  • Since it is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur, you should carry a camera to capture the beautiful birds around the Balsamand lake and garden in Jodhpur.
Things to do at Balsamand Lake

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to see the lake. We advise guests not to enter the hotel Balsamand lake palace Jodhpur without permission.


The opening and closing time of Balsamand lake and garden Jodhpur is from 6 am to 8 pm. It is advised to visit the place before 5 pm for the best experience.

History of Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace Jodhpur

An elegant and enormous palace was built over this lake, named after the lake as hotel Balsamand Lake Palace. It is an Indian architectural marvel and is famous for the way it was constructed on the shore of a beautiful lake.

The Balsamand lake palace Jodhpur was constructed using the famous red sandstone. It represents strength and endurance. It is owned by WelcomHeritage hotels and is among the most famous heritage hotels in Jodhpur.

Details of Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace Jodhpur

The Balsamand lake palace was a vacation home to the Jodhpur’s royal family and their guests. Royal guests from across the world were mesmerized by the palace’s beauty. Its location was a bonus to its beauty. The green lashes and the mountain surrounding the palace are pleasing sights for the people.

After the king’s rule ended in India and it became a democracy, the Balsamand lake palace was converted into a heritage hotel. The hotel serves the purpose of hospitality for the guests who visit Jodhpur from all over the world. Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its heritage palaces and hotels.


The palace has beautiful raveled murals and patios. Windows are designed in jharokha styles. They serve as protection screens against the sunlight and hot winds. Harsh climatic conditions are a usual sight in the region.

The most prominent architectural feature of hotel Balsamand lake palace is the chhatris over the building structure. Chhatris were made to enlarge the height of the structure and for beautification purposes. The walls of these domes are beautifully painted and influenced by India’s heritage and history.

Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace Jodhpur

The palace is owned by the current emperor of Jodhpur, Maharaj Gaj Singh. It is operational under WelcomeHeritage hotel group, the finest player in the heritage hotel industry of India.


The place is blissful and astonishing. Visitors will never forget the heritage and royalty they experience at the hotel Balsmand lake palace Jodhpur.

The hotel has a museum where visitors can see and learn about Marwar’s art, culture, and history. The management serves in a way that gives a sense of royalty to its guests. It is the perfect stay for visitors. Hospitality and natural beauty will be an everlasting memory.

Ambiance of balsamand lake palace jodhpur

Average Dinner Cost at Balsmand Lake Palace Restaurant Jodhpur

Balsamand lake palace restaurant offers various dinner services. The prices vary for different dishes.

People can have dinners at restaurants ranging from ₹3,973 – ₹7,945.

Dinner Cost at Balsmand Lake Palace Restaurant Jodhpur

Guests can have their meals at the palace restaurant. People can enjoy kebabs at the kebab corner. The restaurant organizes a private dinner table along the lake view at the Balsmand lake palace restaurant. The guests can enjoy drinks at the house bar.

Average Room Cost at Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace by WelcomHeritage

There are three types of suits in the WelcomeHeritage Balsmand Lake Palace Jodhpur: the Garden Suite, the Regal Suite, and the Maharani Suite. 

Average Room Cost

  • Garden Suite: ₹8000
  • Regal Suite: ₹19,000
  • Maharani Suite: ₹24,000

Amenities at The Hotel

  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant 
  • Bar
  • Horse riding
  • Golf course
  • Wedding Lawn
  • Unique dining experience
  • Buggy Ride

Balsamand Lake and Garden FAQs

1. What is the location of Balsamand lake in Jodhpur?

– It is located at Mandore road in Jodhpur. The exact address is 82MG+HM, Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342007

2. What is the distance of Balsamand lake from the Jodhpur Railway Station?

– It is approximately 8.5 kilometers from the railway station. You can book cab service in Jodhpur to reach the place.

3. What is the distance between Balsamand lake and Jodhpur Bus Stand?

– It is around 6.5 kilometers from the bus stand.

4. What is the Jodhpur Airport to Balsamand lake distance?

– It is around 9.8 kilometers. You can book Jodhpur Airport taxi service to reach here.

5. What are the timings of Balsamand lake Jodhpur?

– The available timings for Balsmand lake and garden are from 6 am to 8 pm. Yet, it is always advisable to visit before 5 pm because of its isolated area.

6. Is Balsamand Lake Palace a heritage hotel?

– Yes. It is a heritage hotel featuring beautiful sights of historical architecture and painting. The hotel is maintained by a WelcomeHeritage group of hotels.

7. What is the one-night cost of Balsamand Lake Palace Jodhpur?

– The pricing ranges from ₹8000 for the garden suit to the Maharani suite for ₹24,000

8. What is the Balsamand Lake Palace contact number?

– You can call on 0291-2572321 or 0291-2572327 to enquire.

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