Chaturjbhuj Gulab Jamun Jodhpur, World famous gulab jamun

Jodhpur, the Blue City, apart from its historic monuments and hospitality, is famous for its delicious food and sweets. It is said that among all other cities in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has the tastiest food. Apart from taste, the city has the reputation of serving the best quality food to people. 

Who in the world does not like having sweets after their meals? Everybody should especially enjoy the delicious pure, quality sweets during their Jodhpur sightseeing tour. Dal badam ki chakki, makhaniya lassi, rabdi and gulab jamun. The names themselves are enough to get water in your mouth. 

In this write-up, let’s talk about Chaturbhuj Gulabjamun Jodhpur, the most famous Gulab Jamun seller not only in Blue City but all over the country. 

Chaturbhuj Gulabjamun Jodhpur

Most Famous Gulab Jamun of Jodhpur

Chaturbhuj Rameshchandra is a famous sweet shop that prepares the best gulab jamun in Jodhpur. The 100 years old sweet shop in the city is world-famous for its mouth-watering pure and authentic gulab jamun. 

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Why is Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun Famous?

The best part about this shop is that all the sweets are prepared with high-quality raw materials. Karigars (sweet makes) only use desi ghee to make gulab jamun. They are cooked in a way that tastes dry from the outside but moist and silky from the inside. 

Unlike traditional gulab jamun, these are not dipped in sugar syrup. This makes it different from all other famous gulab jamun in Jodhpur. They are as soft as cotton balls and melt in the mouth without chewing much. Cardamom and saffron enhance the taste by hundred times. 

Address of Chaturbhuj RameshChandra Jodhpur

The shop is located in the center of the main Jodhpur city. The exact address of the shop is Pungal Pada Road, Inside Jalori Gate, Pungal Pada, Vyapariyon Ka Mohalla.

Be cautious, as there are many other sweet shops resembling somewhat the same name. The exact name of this shop is Chaturbhuj Rameshchandra. 

Try going in the daytime as there is heavy traffic during the evening. Apart from the shop, visitors can also explore the nearby Rajasthani market. There are multiple handicrafts, clothing, and footwear shops in this area. 

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Chaturbhuj Gulabjamun Shop Jodhpur

Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun Price

Chaturbhuj gulab jamun rate per kg is ₹480. This price is worth it as you will never find this tasty gulab jamun anywhere else in the world. 

If you are a Jodhpurite, you might have already tried this shop. In case you are a tourist exploring the best places to visit in Jodhpur, don’t forget to taste this famous sweet at Chaturbhuj Rameshchandra.

FAQs Related to Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun

1. Why is Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun popular?

Chaturbhuj Gulabjamun is popular for its tasty and pure-quality sweets, including Gulab Jamun, kalakand, and mawa mishri. 

2. What is rate of Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun per kg?

A kg of Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun cost ₹480. 

3. What is the address of Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun?

Pungal Pada Road, Inside Jalori Gate, Pungal Pada, Vyapariyon Ka Mohalla, Jodhpur. 

4. What is the contact number of Chaturbhuj Gulab Jamun?

0291-2626215 and +91-7023456782. 


So next time you plan to visit Jodhpur, do not miss out on experiencing the tastiest Gulab Jamun in Jodhpur city. Other than it, do try other food items like makhaniya lassi, kabuli, mirchibada, pyaaz kachori and gatte ki sabzi.

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