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If you are wondering if this will be the list of well-renowned but already-known places, then it might surprise you. We have covered some of the happening and best cafes in Jodhpur for you to explore. 

The below-mentioned cafes in Jodhpur are chosen on the parameters of quality of food, customer service, the taste of food, ambience and, of course, prices. So, for us to say ‘Top Cafes in Jodhpur’, we meant best for you to visit.

These cafes are currently the most visited and reviewed, so let’s hear more about these places!

Now, we know some of the best cafes in Jodhpur are already booked and packed at times, so for you to have a peaceful time with your special ones, try this list of cafes in Jodhpur. No matter if you are from Jodhpur or not, you will love them.

1. Paher Cafe & Restro

Paher Cafe Jodhpur

Do you love fancy rooftop cafes? Then this is going to be your new favourite place. The ambience of this cafe is top-notch, and the food doesn’t disappoint, given the beauty of the place. They offer multi-cuisine food, so it would give you options to choose from.

Perfect for night outs and brunches, this should be your first choice among the list of cafes in Jodhpur. In addition, they also serve chilled alcoholic drinks. So, for a party, this is the perfect place.


10 AM to 11 PM


Rooftop at the hotel Badri palace, Chopasni Housing Board, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342008

Average Price for two people: 

INR 800- INR 1000

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2. The Almond Grove

Almond grove cafe jodhpur

If you are a pizza lover, then you must not go here anyhow. Why? Because you will fall in love with this place. The Almond Grove serves the best thin-crust pizzas. This cafe in Ratanada Jodhpur is one of the best cafes in Jodhpur in terms of ambience and food. 

This place is perfect for a brunch date, or even for you to go alone, and if you like Italian, then run now before you regret why you didn’t find it sooner.


11 AM to 11 PM


C22 High Court Colony, Ratanada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342011

Average Price for two people:  

INR 600- INR 1000

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3. Fugo Moon

Fugo moon cafe jodhpur

If the name intrigues you, then wait for the theme of this cafe in Sardarpura, Jodhpur.  A space-themed cafe with an OTT theatre, a multi-eating establishment, and—wait for it—a rooftop lounge.

If this doesn’t excite you, then what will? A perfect cafe in Jodhpur to visit with your friends, family, and partner. And the food is aligned with the ambience as well. So, don’t yet contemplate going; just go; you won’t regret it.


11 AM to 11 PM


Gouri Plaza, 631-A Shiv, 12 B, C Rd, Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003

Average Price for two people:  

INR 400- INR 700

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4. Stepwell cafe

Step well cafe jodhpur

If you are from Jodhpur, then you must already know this place, or stepwell, better known as Toorji ka Jhalra, yes? Then this cafe is just opposite our beloved stepwell.

And if you are not from Jodhpur, you must be looking for places to visit. Stepwell is one of the oldest visiting places, and with that, you can also enjoy your meal at one of the top cafes in Jodhpur.

With its exquisite rooftop view, ambience, and food, this place is great for relaxing and enjoying the old city view of Jodhpur. And as the cherry on top of the cake, they might be a multi-eating restaurant, but they have selective food platters for you. Also, this is an alcohol-friendly place; you might check their website for more details.


12 PM to 10:30 PM


72WF+V44, Tunwar Ji Ka Jhalra Makrana Mohalla, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001

Average Price for two people:  

INR 500 – INR 700

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5. Book Cafe

Book cafe jodhpur

Yes, yes! We’re there, saving our favourite for last. Book cafe in Jodhpur is now among the best cafes in Jodhpur, and as the name aptly suggests, it is a zenith for book lovers (readers). 

With two to three branches in Jodhpur, Book Cafe has a pleasant environment, making it suitable for coffee dates, personal time, friend hangouts, and business meetings. Already established in the prominent areas of Jodhpur, such as Ratanada and Shastri Nagar, this place is a must-go!


11 AM to 11 PM


Dream Heights, Cyber Park, Ahead Saras Dairy, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur – 342003 (Heavy Industrial Area)

Subhash Chowk, Shiv Road, Ratanada Jodhpur, 342001 (Opposite Shiv Mandir)

Average Price for two People: 

INR 300 – INR 500


So, coming to an end, there are a few more places that you can explore, such as Born to Brew cafe, Cafe Leaf, Manhattan Cafe, and the list goes on. But these were the top cafes in Jodhpur on a current basis. We hope you will enjoy your day there. Wish you a happy day!

You would also love to check our the list of best places to visit in Jodhpur for a memorable experience. Travellers from all around the world can effortlessly book a taxi in Jodhpur for local sightseeing, as well as visit these famous cafes. 

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