Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur

Bhim Bhadak Cave is one of the least explored places in Jodhpur, but it has historical importance. Located at some distance from Kaylana Lake in the mountain area, this cave is home to the largest Shivling in Jodhpur.

Moreover, it has a cave temple also and is known as a place where the Pandavas spent a part of their anonymity period. 

Currently, the people of Jodhpur visit this place often to have a good time, worship the Shivling, as well as for some fun and adventurous activities. 

In this write-up, let’s explore the history of Bhim Bhadak in Jodhpur, the cave temple, location, timings, activities & things to do, and much more. 

History of Bhim Bhadak Cave Jodhpur

Pandavas and Their Agyatvas

The Bhim Bhadak history started from the period of Mahabharat thousands of years ago. The Pandavas (five brothers) named Yudhisthir, Arjun, Bheem, Nakul, and Sehdev, were sent for the Agyatvas (anonymity period), where they were supposed to remain anonymous. 

During the Agyatvas, the Pandavas spent their time at several places, including a cave in Jodhpur. They were here for around five days for the Tapasya (meditation). Bheem, known for his physical strength, closed the cave’s opening with a huge rock so that nobody could see them. 

Bhim Bhadak Cave in Jodhpur

Since Bheem had moved a giant rock at the cave, the place got its name from this instance. Bhadak is a Rajasthani word for cave or gufa. So, that’s how Bhim Bhadak got its name. 

Maharaja Man Singh Spent Time Here for Mental Peace

As per the historians, even the king of Jodhpur, Maharaja Man Singh, also came to this cave years ago. His aim was to find mental peace and do meditation. 

In addition to him, Swami Rupanand meditated in Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur for over 40 years. 

Bhim Bhadak Cave After Foundation of Jodhpur

The royal family of Jodhpur took over the responsibility of this place once the foundation of Jodhpur was laid. During his reign, Maharaja Takht Singh worked on the manufacturing of the cave. 

Over the last few decades, several priests and sadhus have spent time here for quality meditation and peaceful time. 

The current king of Jodhpur, Maharaja Gaj Singh, has plans to reserve this historical place by converting it into a National Monument. With this, the Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur will be on its way to becoming a major tourist attraction. 


Bhim Bhadak Cave Temple (Maa Vaishnavi Mandir Jodhpur)

Within the cave, the Pandavas had established an idol of Goddess Vaishnavi. They had meditated and worshipped the Goddess here for five days before leaving for another place.

This has now become a temple where people of Jodhpur and nearby places visit to worship the Goddess. 

Largest Shivling in Jodhpur (Bhimeshwar Mahadev Mandir)

The Shivling (a symbol of God Shiva) is worshipped at numerous temples in Jodhpur. But Bhim Bhadak is home to the biggest Shivling in Jodhpur. Its weight is around 3200 kg. 

The bhaktas of Lord Shiva come to this place often, especially during the Shiv Ratri.

Bhimeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur Location (Address)

This cave is located around 2-3 km from Kaylana Jheel, one of the most famous lakes in Jodhpur

  • Address: Bhim Bhadak Cave, Golasani, Rajasthan, 342001

Bheem Bhadak Cave Timings

Since it is yet to become a tourist attraction, there are no fixed timings. 

But it is best to visit the place between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

Things to do at Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur

For people who love adventurous experiences, Bhim Bhadav Cave is a must-visit place because it is located on the mountain. Here, you can do several adventure activities that give you a thrilling experience.

Things to do at Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur

The list of activities to do at this place includes:

  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Rappelling
  • Have a peaceful time 
  • Good place for a picnic in Jodhpur
  • Enjoy the sunset view
  • Enjoy the scenic natural view, especially during monsoon

How to Reach?

The best ways to reach Bhim Bhadak Jodhpur are either by personal vehicles (car, bike, scooty) or by booking a local sightseeing taxi in Jodhpur

You won’t find public transport options to reach here. If you are visiting with a large group, then you can hire a tempo traveler in Jodhpur.

Another thing worth noting is that this area now comes under the Indian Army. So, carry along your valid ID proofs, as you can be asked for them at the check post. 

Nearby Places to Visit

The other places to visit near Bhim Bhadak are:

  • Kaylana Lake
  • Machia Biological Park
  • Siddhanath Mahadev Temple
  • Masuria Hill Garden

Find the full list of the best places to visit in Jodhpur.

Wrapping Up:

Being home to ancient places like Bhim Bhadk is a pride for Jodhpur and its people. Such ancient heritage sites are the best ways to dive into the mythological facts. It is crucial to reserve such places. 

To know more about Jodhpur tourism, stay tuned with us. 


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