Best Places to Visit in Osian: Attractions, Best Time & How to Reach

Welcome Travellers to Osian! Your journey has landed you here, and new adventures are calling out your name. Embrace this new place you have visited, learn about its streets, meet its people, and explore its history

Osian is a desert town and an oasis in the Thar Desert, also called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. This town is known for its beautiful Jain and Hindu temples. Osian is a historical place called Uvasisala, Ukesa and Upkesapur-Pattana. It was a significant stopping point for silk road caravans during the Gupta Dynasty.

You can enjoy many captivating activities in Osian to create a pleasant memory of your life. Camping under the twinkling stars in the Thar Desert is a thrilling activity you must try. You can also enjoy a jeep safari that will allow you to explore the hidden areas of the desert and meet the locals to learn about their traditions and culture.

Why Should You Visit Osian, Jodhpur?

Do you still need clarification about why Osian should be your next vacation destination? Don’t worry; we have some quick pointers that will help eliminate any doubts regarding the beautiful city of Osian. 

  • Osian is an excursion from Jodhpur and also a desert retreat. 
  • Home to some intricately carved Jain & Hindu Temples.
  • Osiyan is home to an existential retreat called Camel Camp, where guests experience overnight camel safaris and exclusive dune camping.

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Go Check Out The Best Places To Visit In Osian

1. Sachiya Mata Temple

Sachiya Mata Temple Osian

Sachiya Mata Temple is perched atop a hill, the core of Hindu and Mahavir temples. It’s a sacred shrine dedicated to the Osian Kuldevi. Dedicated to the wife of Lord Indra, Goddess Sachiya Mata is of equal significance to both Hindus and Jains.

Visitors should climb a flight of stairs of about a hundred steps to reach the temple. Although the mesmerising view greets you on the hilltop, it will be worth all the effort. Temple also gives you a mesmerising sight of the dunes and the desert. The temple has multiple archways along the steps to the top, making the ascent valuable.

At the temple entrance, you will notice myriad carvings and sculptures and will be caught by the sheer aura of this majestic place. The temple also has a statue of Varaha-boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu at the north end, while there’s an image of Lakshmi-Vishnu in the east.

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2. Jain Mahavir Temple

Jain Mahavir Temple Osian

The Mahavira Temple was built in honour of the 24th Jain Tirthankara of the Jain community, Lord Mahavira. It dates back to the Saka period in the 8th century.

The main sanctum sanctorum and the temple are surrounded by around 8-9 smaller shrines in the inner courtyard. Each of these shrines has beautifully crafted statues all over the walls. The gigantic 32-inch sandstone statue of Lord Mahavira in the padmasana posture lies in the heart of the temple. 

In the inner courtyard, there are beautiful paintings that explain the life of Lord Mahavir and Jain culture. The level of peace and tranquillity maintained here is unmatchable. 

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3. Surya Temple

Surya Temple Osian

The Surya temple honours the Sun God and is situated in Osian, close to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Along with the idol of Lord Surya, the temple also houses the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga. The temple, built in the tenth century, resembles the Sun Temple at Ranakpur.

This temple is of the Panchayatan type. The temple’s impressive embrasure is the best temple embrasure in India. A giant idol of God Surya is placed in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, standing erect in primitive tenseness. 

The life story is depicted here in the form of murals and scriptures.  Visitors can witness the beautiful images of the serpents wrapped around the lotus flower on the temple ceilings.

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4. Desert & Camel Safari

Desert and Camel Safari Osian

A fantastic method to view the stunning desert landscape is camel rides and camping in the Osian Desert, where you can have a breathtaking view of the star-studded night skies. Have an expansive view of the Thar Desert while sitting on the back of double-humped camels. You can also huddle around the warm glow of the bonfire and share your favourite stories while having roasted marshmallows as you enjoy camping. These pursuits are excellent for thrill-seekers. 

The safari is located among the dunes and is a short distance from Osian Village in the desert. You can also have a rare view of desert life and see the sunset from a vantage point of the desert area. Once you are done with the camel safari ride, you can enjoy traditional dance and musical performances and have a barbeque dinner. 

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5. Harihara Temple

Harihara Temple Osian

Harihara temple is among the best temple in Osian Temples. It is located at Osian, just 65 Km from Jodhpur. Among the three Harihara Temples, the first two were constructed in the 8th century and the third in the 9th century. 

The architecture of these temples is different and advanced compared to the other temples of Osian. All these temples are magnificent, with sculptures built on a raised platform. There are sculptures on temple walls that display Lord Krishna and Radha in dancing postures. The most attractive feature of this temple is the admirably carved ‘mandap’. They are adjoining the temple located a Ganesh Pillar and ‘baori’.

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How To Reach Osian?

1. By Train:

Osian is well connected by Rail. The nearest railway station from Osian is Jodhpur which is about  70km. Regularly direct train services are available from Jodhpur to Jaipur, Bikaner and Kota.

2. By Road:

Osian is well connected with various cities by roads like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. 

3. By Air:

Jodhpur domestic airport is nearby from Osian, about 70 km from Osian.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Osian?

Osian is easily accessible throughout the year. However, if you are looking for only the best experience, then it is recommended that you plan your trip to this tourist place in Rajasthan between November and March. This is because, during this period, the area has comparatively pleasant weather, which is perfect for all the sightseeing, exploration and adventurous activities.

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